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Nutrition Dork's signature blends of Adobo & Sazón can be used to marinate meats, added in rice, beans, and stews to enhance the color and flavor of your foods. They have been used in traditional Latin & Puerto Rican foods for decades, and most can’t cook without them. All our seasonings are made with pure all natural spices. They have no artificial colors or ingredients, no MSG, are NON-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

The Healthy rican Cookbook is available On Amazon &

The Healthy Rican cookbook is a guide to making traditional Puerto Rican foods in a healthy way. But it is much more than just recipes, it's also a guide to choosing wholesome and healthy ingredients. By using a holistic nutrition approach, Mayra hopes to inspire people to choose healthy ingredients and learn how to combine foods in a way that helps aid digestion.

Healthy Rican's mission is to banish bland and provide tasty alternatives for everyday people who want to eat well.

Bringing tasty Latin & Puerto Rican recipes and seasonings to homes everywhere.

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