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Our signature Adobo & Sazón are a healthy version of the most popular staple seasonings in Puerto Rican cuisine. Our adobo includes mineral pink himalayan salt in a blend of garlic, pepper, oregano, coriander, and turmeric for it’s healthy anti-inflammatory benefits. Our sazón is a salt-free blend of annatto aka achiote, turmeric, garlic, with a hint of cumin and coriander, that will bring out a nice yellow-orange color with a hint of Latin flavor in your foods.


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Our signature blends of Adobo & Sazón can be used to marinate meats, added in rice, beans, and stews to enhance the color and flavor of your foods. They have been used in traditional Puerto Rican foods for decades, and most Puerto Ricans, can’t cook without them. All our seasonings are made with pure all natural spices. They have no artificial colors or ingredients, no MSG, are NON-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free.

Just pure “SABOR” flavor, and made with lots of love.


Adobo – Spice blend with, Himalayan pink salt, garlic powder, black pepper, turmeric, oregano, coriander.

Sazón – Spice blend with annatto, garlic powder, turmeric, cumin, coriander.

4 reviews for Adobo & Sazón

  1. chernandez11211

    So happy to have some home cooking without all the junk added! The Sazón and Adobo are a perfect blend for my Latin dishes! Can’t wait to see your products in the stores!

    • Mayra Luz

      Thank you! I really appreciate your words and support. Yay… can’t wait to see them in stores too. That would be awesome!

  2. lululee77

    These seasonings are delicious. Although I make my own adobo, I had run out and was thrilled to have purchased these. Now I’m so low it’s time to order more. I like Mayra’s Adobo because it is authentic but less salty than other brands. I still have one full bottle of a commercial brand that I can’t use because of how salty it is! And once salt is added, you can’t take it out. Mayra’s mix has the perfect blend of spices and salt that makes for worry-free cooking. I use the Sazon blend in my recipes not only from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, but also Spain and India. So versatile. I think Mayra is more of a nutrition nerd than dork ? So happy I discovered her products!

    • Mayra Luz

      Thank you for your review. It makes me happy to know that you love the flavors. And thanks for considering me a nerd, I agree.. I’m such a nerd when it comes to nutrition. I also dork out which is what lead me to my name, it resonated. Thanks again!

  3. yankeewoman1

    I love the seasonings they are extremely flavorful. I’m so glad I came across Nutrition Dork, thank you Mayra for all you do. I’m so excited to continue purchasing these tasteful spices, they are amazingly great!!

    • Mayra Luz

      I do it all with love! Thank you for your kind words, and for all the support. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    These spices are fabulous! My dinner tonight was so amazing. Perfect blends!

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