Here are a few comments of the experience my clients have had when working with me as a health coach.

"Mayra is such an incredible coach! Her ability to guide and uplift you into positive action is spot on. Her energy is infectious and just what anyone wanting a coach should experience! I've gained so much life as a result."
Mia Davis
"I would highly recommend working with Mayra. If you are looking for guidance from a sincere, passionate coach, she’s your coach. From our first call together, she helped me identify what I needed to do to move forward. She is a wonderful listener, is flexible, responsive, and caring."
Vanessa Acosta
"Mayra is a loving and caring person who, through her own journey, has found her way to becoming a health coach. She has a passion for helping others find their potential. You're in good hands with Mayra."
Cindy Gluckstein
" I love Mayra's cookbook. It has changed my eating habits in days I still am eating my everyday menu with more nutrition and great flavor."
Inelise Rivera