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Hi, I’m Mayra also known as the Nutrition Dork! As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who’s obsessed with superfoods and family meal time, I am on a mission to banish bland foods. I love providing tasty alternatives for everyday people who want to eat well. I’ve created the Healthy Rican Cookbook and Latin Spice Brand to bring tasty Puerto Rican recipes and seasonings to homes everywhere. I truly believe we can live a healthy life and enjoy our favorite foods. 

Let’s put the latin spice in your healthy life!

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Are you tired of being tired? Not sure where to start?

Are you ready to feel good in your body, more energy, improve health, and create the life you want?

Start with a complimentary health chat with me. Let’s find out where you’re at in your health journey.

In this chat (think of it as a coffee date) we’ll talk about your health goals (judgment-free zone), discover what is holding you back, and a mini session to help you get started! 


I just had an absolutely life-changing experience with Mayra. She very patiently pointed out what foods I should eat and why they are important as well as pointing out what foods are bad for overall health and why they should be avoided.

She covered everything from; vegetables, meats, healthy fats, the types of starches, food pairing, ” the dirty dozen”, what foods you should buy organic (and foods that you can save money on), food pairing, healthy desserts, healthy breakfast options, healthy kinds of butter and cheese, healthy snack options, some wise options if you are craving junk food, a few recipes, and more.

The information I gained with Mayra has been more helpful than the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on consulting a Nutritionist.

You will not be disappointed!!!

Tafik Muhammad

Martial Arts Instructor

Mayra is such an incredible coach! Her ability to guide and uplift you into positive action is spot on. Her energy is infectious and just what anyone wanting a coach should experience! I’ve gained so much life as a result. 

Mia Davis

Artist & Holistic Wellness

Mayra is a loving and caring person who, through her own journey, has found her way to becoming a health coach. She has a passion for helping others find their potential. You’re in good hands with Mayra.

Cindy Gluckstein

Business Owner